Symbols Of Celebrations Around The World

The anniversary of a person’s birth has been for a long time now a reason for a party, or celebration. This is not to say we all do it in the same way throughout the world and that all cultures are the same.

Though, in the Western world we often just celebrate the person’s birthday, other parts of the world also celebrate a deity, or the birthday of a god. Some have even gone as far as not wanting to celebrate the birthday at all.

For most of us, the birthday is celebrated with a present, or a good bought online, or from a high street shop. Usually a certain amount of interest goes into this and it reflects a person’s interests, or passions, or is a form of traditional gift such as a birthstone. This has changed somewhat as consumerism slows and people decide on alternative, more worthy ways of offering someone a present.

People often also will receive a token, for instance someone born in August will receive an August birthstone, or something related to the colour associated with their month. Diamond is an August birthstone, as is Sapphire, meaning to receive an August birthstone will require the gift giver having deep pockets.


For many charity is important and so instead of receiving a gift, people often dictate that their present is a charitable donation that goes towards a good cause. This obviously has the positive effect the person desires on a community, or elsewhere. Of course, the homemade birthday gift is also very popular, especially during the economic downturn. These presents can be anything and just like their consumer equivalent, often reflect the interests of the birthday person and many feel is worth a lot more than satisfaction than the aforementioned August birthstone.

Coming of Age

The coming of age present is also very popular in some cultures and is often something that marks out a certain year over that of other birthdays. In the Western world we mark out the 16th, 18th and 21st birthdays as important and often have large parties then, than for most other birthdays. This usually is all based around the sharing of drink and food and the eating of particular dishes.

Jewish children for example celebrate their Bar Mitzvah when they turn 13, which is considered the age they reach adulthood. This is often as large as a wedding and can be an extravagant affair.

The 18th Birthday in the West is marked often with traditional presents such as a tankard, or some other item that reflects the legal change in a person’s life. People can now often smoke and drink alcohol and so presents reflect this. Birthday flutes for champagne, cigarette lighters and engraved hipflasks are presented alongside the traditional birthday gem at this time of a person’s life.

Birth of a God

Buddhists will celebrate the birth of Buddha just as they would a friends, or relatives birthday .This festival is known as the Lotus Lantern Festival and falls on different dates as it is based on the Chinese Lunar Calendar. This celebration goes on for a whole month in Korea and free food and drink are shared at the Buddhist temples for a one day of this month.

Birthdays are different throughout the world, however one thing remains, the impending sense of happiness and celebration, whether it’s celebrated with a August birthstone, tankard, or charity.

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