Our yoga philosophy, with Adele Cassidy

This will be an ongoing blog on different aspects of yoga philosophy, which will build week on week or may be read individually. I’m not an academic, my job as a yoga teacher is to break the philosophy into bitesize pieces and apply it to your practice and life…

The thing about yoga philosophy is that it feels deep and mysterious and somewhat disconnected from the weird shapes we throw on our mats. I mean, really, why is it important! So my question is this; what keeps bringing you back to the mat? Is it purely a physical thing or has something hooked you which you can’t quite explain?

That’s how it was for me. I definitely went for the physical practice, what I got blew my world wide open in a really amazing way. I remember the first day of my second 108 hour immersion (I had to do two, draw whichever conclusion you wish) which is a dense journey into yoga philosophy from a Tantric perspective… not to mention, asana, alignment principals, meditation, pranayama, anatomy and throwing out a whole sackful of personal baggage along the way.

I wasn’t sure how much my brain would hold, maybe this time it would actually explode. The first thing my teacher said was “you’re going to get confused, know that and remember that everything is Spirit”. I can’t tell you how many times since I’ve said “it’s all Spirit” to myself, at least once a day, usually after someone’s stood on my foot in my crowded city. My interpretation is that if the big bang went in reverse, the Universe would magnetise together as one. The source is the same, its expression is unique.

So I’ll be writing a few blogs to demystify some of this wonderful world, not completely though, there’s the paradox: there are ways to understand and at the same time there will always be something inexplicable. I’m completely in love with it, I really am. My intention is that each entry can be read in isolation or one can build on the other.

As a teaser for next week, think of philosophy as maps.  They’re there to guide you, but they aren’t the journey.

Adele Cassidy is a yoga teacher and spiritual adventurer. She loves to unveil to students that they are an integral part of this amazing world and a vital piece of something big, extraordinary and amazing. That each person is part of something that they never knew existed and yet always knew was there and that this life is a gift to be celebrated.

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